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Resource ID TRC002R001
Collection MesoAmerican Language Collection of George Aaron Broadwell
Language(s) Trique, Copala
Language Community
Title Se32-cue2nto4 Güii3 ga2 Yavii3 a32
English Title The legend of the sun and moon
Spanish Title La leyenda del sol y la luna
Country United States
Place Albany, New York
Date Created 2003
The origin of the sun and the moon as twin boys who are raised by Grandmother Ca'aj, one of the ancestors of the Triqui people. The complete morpheme-by-morpheme analysis, Spanish translation, and English translation of this story is found in:

Vidal López, Román. (narrator.) 2009. The origin of the sun and moon: A Copala Triqui legend. Transcribed and edited by George Aaron Broadwell, Kosuke Matsukawa, Edgar Martín del Campo, Ruth Scipione, and Susan Perdomo. Munich: LINCOM Europa.
Genres Ethnography, Narrative
Original ID sun and moon.wav
To cite this resource Perdomo, Susan (Interviewer), Román Vidal López (Speaker). (2003). "The legend of the sun and moon". MesoAmerican Language Collection of George Aaron Broadwell. The Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America: Media: audio. Access: public. Resource: TRC002R001.
George Aaron Broadwell Collector
George Aaron Broadwell Depositor
Susan Perdomo Interviewer
Román Vidal López Speaker
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