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Utilization of Language Archives in Endangered Language Research, Revitalization, and Documentation
Special Session of the Committee for Endangered Languages and Their Preservation
LSA 2015, Portland, Oregon

Panel Presentations, 10 January 2015:

Ryan Henke, University of Hawai'i Manoa
Andrea Berez, University of Hawai'i Manoa
Gary Holton, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Brad McDonnell, University of California, Santa Barbara
Ruth Rouvier, Education Development Center
The use of archives in endangered language preservation: The state of the art
Presentation (PDF)

Justin Spence, University of California, Davis
Managing uncertainty in archival linguistic research
Presentation (PDF)

Daryl Baldwin, Miami University
Aapisaataweeyankwi mahsinaakanenkonci: Reviving our language from documentation

Michael Shepard, University of British Columbia
The significance of language ideology and culture in endangered language archiving practices

Jennifer O'Neal, University of Oregon
Archives, access, and collaborative solutions
Presentation (PDF)

Poster Session, 11 January 2015:

Carmen Jany, California State University, San Bernardino
Uldis Balodis, University of Helsinki
Grammar writing for Yuki and Chimariko based solely on archival material
Poster (PDF)

Clare Sandy, University of California, Berkeley
Bringing archival materials together to expand the Karuk text corpus
Poster (PDF)

Lewis Lawyer, University of California, Davis
James Sarmento, University of California, Davis
Lajos Szoboszlai, University of California, Davis
Relying on the past: Quests for knowledge using language archives
Poster (PDF)

Lynnika Butler, Wiyot Tribe
Using archival data to revitalize Wiyot
Poster (PDF)

Megan Lukaniec, University of California, Santa Barbara
From archives to adult and child language learning: Reconstructing and revitalizing Wendat (Iroquoian)

Natalia Fernandez, Oregon State University
Oregon Tribal Archives Institute: Assisting tribal communities through archival education
Poster (PDF)

Susan Gehr, Humboldt State University
Breath of Life: Revitalizing California's native languages through archives
Poster (PDF)

Mary S. Linn, Smithsonian Institution
Ethnography and metadata: Simple ways to capture the most
Poster (PDF)

Susan Smythe Kung, Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America, University of Texas at Austin
How language researchers can enhance and improve archival materials: Suggestions from the Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America
Poster (PDF)

Miranda Rectenwald, Washington University in St. Louis
Thinking outside the (archival) box: Innovative uses of Jules Henry's field notes
Poster (PDF) Handout (PDF)

Gina Rappaport, Smithsonian Institution
Endangered language resources at the National Anthropological Archives: Scope, use and collaborations
Poster (PDF)

AILLA is a joint effort of the LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections, the Department of Linguistics, and the Digital Library Services Division of the University Libraries at the University of Texas at Austin.
AILLA is also grateful for support from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Science Foundation.
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