Zapotec, San José Lachiguirí

Object Details

NameZapotec, San José Lachiguirí
Name (Indigenous)
Alternate Name(s)Zapotec, Quioquitani-Quierí
Language Codeztq
Macro LanguageN
Language FamilyOtomanguean
DescriptionThis is a variety of the Cisyautepecan Zapotec dialect chain that is part of the Southern Zapotec diffusion zone. The Ethnologue does not name this town specifically or provide it with its own ISO code, but the geographically nearest Cisyautepecan variety with an ISO code is that of Quierí, ztq, so it is listed here. Both these varieties should also be mutually intelligible with Mixtepec and some other Cisyautepecan varieties.
Language PIDailla:119877


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