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Given Name(s)Anonymous
Place of OriginLa Ermita Maninaltepec, Choapan, Oaxaca
DescriptionAlejandra, who wishes to remain completely anonymous, is a native speaker of Choapan Zapotec and is native to a town near Tres Arroyos, called La Ermita. She is familiar with dictionary work through her husband, Antonio's, years of doing linguistic consultation. While she did do several days of consulting (primarily grammaticality judgments) in the summer of 2012, she did not wish to have any of her collaboration sessions recorded. Her voice can probably still be heard, however, in the background of some recordings, or as a voice in recorded conversations in Choapan Zapotec with friends and family.
Depositor StatusN
Native Language(s)Zapotec, Choapan
Research Language(s)Zapotec, Choapan
Other Language(s) SpokenSpanish


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