Matsigenka Texts, 2011 (version June 2013)

Cuentos Matsigenkas, 2011 (versión June 2013)

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Subject LanguageMatsigenka
Language PID(s)ailla:119767
Title [Indigenous]Kenkitsarintsi Matsigenka, Shiriagarini 2011 (Irashi junio 2013)
Language of Indigenous Titlemcb
TitleMatsigenka Texts, 2011 (version June 2013)
Language CommunityQuillabamba, Peru
Place CreatedQuillabamba, Peru and Berkeley, California, USA
Date Created2013-06-30
Description [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Description
DescriptionThis resource is derived from six notebooks containing hand-written texts authored by José Vargas Pereira (1 notebook, 4 of its texts in this deposit) and Haroldo Vargas Pereira (5 notebooks, 166 of their texts in this deposit) between February and May 2011. All the texts are written in Matsigenka with line-by-line free translations in Spanish (Peruvian Castellano). The authors are brothers; both are fluent in Matsigenka and Spanish. The texts include (1) traditional Matsigenka narratives, (2) more recent historical narratives, (3) auto-ethnographic descriptions of Matsigenka culture and practices, and (4) personal narratives. These notebooks (plus three more by Haroldo Vargas Pereira that are not included in this depost) were solicited of the authors by Michael and Beier in order to help develop a corpus of Matsigenka texts, and were paid for as part of Michael's research project "Documentation and Analysis of Matsigenka, an endangered Amazonian Language", funded by a Hellman Family Faculty Fund Award in 2010. Typing of the hand-written texts was done primarily by Beier. The typed texts were reviewed line by line by either Michael or Beier in consultation with the authors, and were corrected as necessary. The reviewed and corrected texts were then parsed in FLEx (Fieldworks Language Explorer) by either Michael or O’Hagan.

This file is a PDF generated from a XeLaTex base file that was in turn generated by a Python script from an XML export of a corpus of texts parsed using the Fieldworks Linguistic Explorer (FLEx) application. These texts were written originally authored in Matsigenka by Haroldo Vargas Pereira and José Vargas Pereira, with accompanying line-by-line free translations into Spanish.
Source Notemcb_text_collection_30jun2013_v1.pdf
Contributor(s) Individual / RoleMichael, Lev (Researcher)
Beier, Christine (Researcher)
Vargas Pereira, Haroldo (Author)
Vargas Pereira, José (Author)
O'Hagan, Zachary (Annotator)
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