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Name (Indigenous)Tupari
Alternate Name(s)
Language Codetpr
Macro LanguageN
Language FamilyTupian
DescriptionThe Tuparí language is spoken fluently by approximately 350 indigenous Brazilians, all of whom reside in the state of Rondônia. The great majority of the speakers live on the Terra Indígena Rio Branco, which is where Singerman's fieldwork has taken place. There are also speakers on the Guaporé Indigenous Reserve, but intergenerational transmission of the language reportedly ceased on the Guaporé several decades ago. In terms of intergenerational transmission, Tuparí is the most vital member of the Tuparían branch of the Tupían family; its nearest relatives (Akuntsú, Sakurabiát, Wayoró) are all reported to have minimal intergenerational transmission. It is possible that Makurap, also a member of the Tuparían branch of the family, is more vital on the Guaporé Reserve, but to Singerman's knowledge there is little intergenerational transmission of Makurap on the Rio Branco.

(Adam Singerman, 2019)
Language PIDhttps://ailla.utexas.org/islandora/object/ailla:269475


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