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Subject LanguageUspanteko
Language PID(s)ailla:119674
Title [Indigenous]
Language of Indigenous Title
Language CommunityUspantán, Quiché, Guatemala
United States
Place CreatedSan Miguel Uspantán, Uspantán, Quiché, Guatemala
Date Created2019-06-28
Description [Indigenous]
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DescriptionVarious narratives in Uspanteko.
SPK_TAML_2020_Loq'laj teew pach loq'laj q'iij - El viento del norte y el sol.wav - The north wind and the sun: Elicited retelling (from a written source in Spanish) of "The north wind and the sun". Transcribed in SPK_TAML_2020_Loq'laj teew pach loq'laj q'iij - El viento del norte y el sol.eaf. 2020-03-01
SPK10_6-30-19_Historia_Bíblica_de_Noé.wav - The biblical story of Noah: The biblical story of Noah retold in Uspanteko. 2019-06-30
SPK11_7-1-19_1_Historia_Caserío_Baxil_(B'aa Xiil) y Semana Santa (Kuréxm).wav - The history of the Baxil neighborhood and Holy Week: Explains the founding of Baxil, which concerns the discovery of a large stone. The author then discusses how Holy Week was celebrated in Uspantán historically. 2019-07-01
SPK11_7-1-19_2_Historia_Personal_Enseñanza_del_idioma_Uspanteko_(K'utúnk re Tz'unun Yolooj).wav - Teaching the Uspanteko language: Discusses the virtue of speaking Uspanteko and speaking it to children. 2019-07-01
SPK12_7-1-19_Historia_Aldea_Quizahal_(K'ii Sachál) y Pérdida_de_Valores.wav - The history of the Quizahal neighborhood and the loss of virtues: Discusses the importance of respecting the environment and working together. The second half discusses the history of Quizahal, in particular the mix of K'iche' and Uspanteko families there. 2019-07-01
SPK13_7-1-19_Xoqoneb__pach_jtikik_loq_laj_íxim__sagrado_maíz_.wav - The dancer and the lord of Xoqoneb': Tells the story of poor man who cannot afford a costume to attend the Baile de la Conquista. His is gifted a costume by the supernatural lord of Xoqoneb', a local mountain. 2019-07-01
SPK17_7-6-19_1_Yolooj_chub'_Kyeq_K'oxol.wav - Stories about red elves: Discusses the supernatural beings known as kyeq k'oxol, or 'red elves'. Tells the story of a gathering of red elves near the electric plant, and whether they bring good or bad luck. 2019-07-06
SPK17_7-6-19_2_Ba_Xiil_jinon_Qayólj_pach_Qabantájk__Historia_de_Baxil_Nuestro_idioma_y_cultura_Uspanteka.wav - The history of the Baxil neighborhood and the Uspanteko language and culture: Discusses the source of the name of the Baxil neighborhood, which finds its source in rocks in the area that could be used as chairs. It discusses the struggle to get this name officially recognized. 2019-07-06
SPK1_6-28-19_Xoqoneb7.wav - The dancer and the lord of Xoqoneb': Tells the story of poor man who cannot afford a costume to attend the Baile de la Conquista. His is gifted a costume by the supernatural lord of Xoqoneb', a local mountain. 2019-06-28
SPK22_12-31-19_1_Origen del nombre de San Miguel Uspantan.wav - The origen of the name of San Miguel Uspantán: Discusses the source of the name of San Miguel Uspantán, which derives from an apparition of the archangel Michael on B'a K'ameb', a local mountain. 2019-12-31
SPK22_12-31-19_2_Loq'laj_wiitz_Xoqoneb'.wav - The sacred mountain Xoqoneb': Tells of the story of the mountain Xoqoneb', personified as a women curer with her husband, Kan, the serpent. 2019-12-31
SPK23_12-31-19-1_Relato Personal.wav - Personal history: Tells the story of growing up with a single, widowed mother in Uspantán. 2019-12-31
SPK23_12-31-19-2_Relato personal_2.wav - Personal history: Tell the story of living alone with sisters, making tortillas for a living. 2019-12-31
SPK25_25-02-20 - Semana Santa pedida de una mujer dia de difuntos y la navidad.wav - Holidays in Uspantán: Describes in detail the foods consumed or used for various important or ritual occasions like Holy Week, proposing marriage, Christmas, etc. 2020-02-20
SPK26_25-02-20 - Migracion pedida de una mujer y Xoqoneb7.wav - The effects of migration to the United States: Describes the difficulties women face in migrating to the United States. The second half considers briefly the mountain Xoqoneb' and it's extensive cave systems. 2020-02-20
SPK2_6-29-19_Historia_personal.wav - Personal history: Reminisces on growing up, especially on the use of temazcal for bathing. 2019-06-29
SPK3_6-29-19_Historia_personal.wav - Personal history: Reminisces on how Holy Week celebrated in childhood. 2019-06-29
SPK4_6-29-19_Historia_personal.wav - Personal history: Reminisces on growing up, especially working with his father in the fields. 2019-06-29
SPK5_6-30-19_Feria_Uspantán-Elección_Rab'iin_Tinmit.wav - Uspantán fairdays and the election of the queen: Explains the process of electing the Rab'iin Tinmit, the Maya "queen" of the town. 2019-06-30
SPK5_6-30-19_Historia_personal_1.wav - Personal history: Recounts how she become the Rab'iin Tinmit, the Maya "queen" of the town. 2019-06-30
SPK6_6_30_19_Historia_Nawal_Montaña.wav - Stories of mountain spirits: Explains the Nahual of the mountain, its lord. 2019-06-30
SPK6_6_30_19_Relato_Personal.wav - Personal history: Recounts the work and life of the speaker's grandparents in Uspantán. 2019-06-30
SPK7_6_30_19_Educación_en_la_comunidad.wav - Education in the community: Recounts her own personal experiences as Maya woman teaching in a school in a non-Maya community. 2019-06-30
SPK8_6_30_19_Bailes_de_Uspantán.wav - Dances of Uspantán: Discusses some of the dancing traditions associated with Feria that have been lost. 2019-06-30
SPK9_6-30-19_Historias_de_Uspantán.wav - Happenings in Uspantán: Recounts a variety of historical happenings in Uspantán, most notably a retelling of the conquest of Uspantán by the Spanish. 2019-06-30
SPK14_7-2-19-Historia_personal.WAV - Saqk'oxool: Recounts a personal encounter with Saqk'oxool, or White Elves, when tending his horses. 2019-07-02
SPK15_7-2-19_Relato_Historia_Personal.WAV - Personal history: Relates experiences growing up in Uspantán, in particular planting cane and caring for animals in the mountains. 2019-07-02
SPK19_7-6-19_acontecimientos_sobrenaturales.WAV - Supernatural events: Relates an encounter in the mountain with the Ciguanaba (Siguanaba), a large supernatural creature. 2019-07-06
SPK20_11_29_19_Historia_personal.WAV - Personal history: Relates growing up in Cholá and having to go to draw water near a military encampment, a dangerous prospect. 2019-11-29
SPK21_11_29_19_historia_personal.WAV - Musings on language: Considers multilingualism in Uspantán and the names places and languages. 2019-11-29
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Contributor(s) Individual / RoleHenderson, Robert M. (Researcher)
Bennett, Ryan T. (Researcher)
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