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Language(s)Quechua, South Bolivian
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Content typetranscription & translation
Date Created2016-04-04
Date Archived2020-09-11T15:38:41-05:00
Technical DescriptionProcess of creation: Pedro Plaza Martinez invited each participant to contribute to a grammar of the local variety of Quechua by viewing and discussing pictures. He showed two stories in picture format (see the duck story included in this collection, and frog story by Mayer and Mayer 1992 adapted for Liliana Sánchez 2003) and asked interviewee to narrate each story as if talking to a child. Afterward he asked for personal reflections on the pictures. Kalt videorecorded each interview using Zoom Q4 recorder with audio wav format, video sampling rate 44.1 kHz, bit depth 16; secondary audio recorded on Plaza’s handheld Olympus digital voice recorder. Carlos Flores Quispe, native speaker from nearby Candelaria, transcribed and created a free Spanish translation. Edited by Susan Kalt, Jonathan Geary, Gaby Vargas Melgarejo, Carlos Flores Quispe.
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