• Posted on: 28 August 2017
  • By: admin

You must be logged in to access any file in the archive. If you have logged in and you still can't access a Level 1 file, you probably need to adjust your browser settings to accept cookies.

Most of the resources in the archive can be accessed by the general public without restriction, but some have been restricted by the depositor. These restrictions are there to protect the speakers from harm or embarrassment. If you are asked to enter a password, then that file is restricted. If you do not know the password, you do not have access to that file. Sometimes you will see a date, such as 2025-01-01. This means that the file is restricted until that date, at which time it will become publicly available. Sometimes you will be asked to contact the depositor directly to ask for permission to access the file. This enables the depositors to know who is using their resources.

Some browsers, such as Chrome, may restrict downloads from AILLA. If clicking the download button does not start a download, you may right-click to save the link and when you receive a warning about the file, select the "keep" option from the menu behind the arrow.

Some files will be downloaded with an extra extension that may need to be removed in order for the file to be opened properly. For example, an ELAN annotation file may download as file.eaf.xml. Simply remove the .xml extension to open it in the program.

Some files may be too large to download unless you have a very high speed Internet connection. You can look at the media details for any file to see how big it is before you start the download process.

Some uncompressed archival files (wav, mpg, and tif) are not available online even though they have a metadata record. These files will have nothing listed under "File Types" on the resource page, and there will be no download button on the record page for that file. We apologize for any inconvenience. If possible, please download the compressed equivalent file (mp3, mp4, jpg, or pdf) instead. If you must have the uncompressed file, please contact us for assistance.