Access Terms

  • Posted on: 28 September 2017
  • By: susansmythe

Anonymous User: Anyone with an Internet connection who navigates the AILLA website. Anonymous Users can browse and read the metadata in AILLA, but they cannot access any of the media files. To gain access to the media files, the anonymous user must create a free account and log in.

AILLA User: Anyone with an Internet connection who has created an AILLA account and logged into the site. In addition to being able to browse the archive and read the metadata, AILLA users can stream, view or download Level 1 (public access) media files.

Conditions of Use of Archive Resources: AILLA requires all users to agree to the Conditions of Use of Archive Resources when they create an AILLA User account. If they do not agree to these Terms & Conditions, they will not be able to create an account or to access any media files at AILLA, including those designated as Level 1 (Public Access).

Metadata: The catalog or contextual information about collections, resources, media files, languages, countries, organizations, depositors, and other contributors to the data. Metadata is accessible to both Anonymous and AILLA Users.

Media Files: Any of the multimedia data files (e.g., audio, video, photographs, texts, etc.). The filenames can be seen by the Anonymous User, but the files cannot be downloaded or viewed by Anonymous Users. Only AILLA Users may have access to media files.

Public Access: Any member of the Internet community (i.e., anyone with access to the Internet) may access these files after they have created a free AILLA account and become an AILLA User. Public access differs from Open Access in that Open Access implies that the materials have been released into the Public Domain. Since most AILLA materials are protected by Copyright, they are NOT Open Access.

Public Access Policy: In general, AILLA encourages all depositors to make their materials freely available on AILLA, and to consider archiving with AILLA as a form of publication. We reserve the right to archive only those resources that we deem appropriate, with respect to both content and access.

Restricted Access: Access is restricted to certain users, usually the collection or copyright owners and their delegates, and to AILLA administrative staff. AILLA has three different types of restricted access; see Graded Access Levels for descriptions.