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Language(s)Quechua, South Bolivian
Language PID(s)ailla:119707
Content typeprimary text
Date Created2019-12-25
Date Archived2020-09-11T08:44:33-05:00
Technical DescriptionProcess of creation: Carlos Flores Quispe invited his father (visiting briefly from Chuquisaca) to to contribute to a grammar of his native variety of Quechua by recounting free-form stories involving creatures such as foxes, ducks, frogs, and memories of life experiences. Carlos' roommate recorded the interviews. Carlos transcribed and created a free Spanish translation of the interview. An interlinearized version corrected by team members Susan Kalt, Jonathan Geary, Gaby Vargas and Carlos himself is available, along with social data, for researchers upon request from Susan Kalt at YachaySimi.org o Sue_Kalt@yahoo.com.
PlatformGopro HERO 5, video features; 1080X1920 resolution, 60 FPS
Original Mediumvideo:digital
Quality of Original Medium3